Information Services

Africa Gateway delivers fast and relevant Information for winning contracts opportunities generated from Multilateral funding agencies, Federal & Provincial & Country governments, Public institutions as well as National & International NGOs :

Market & Company Intelligence

Our Market & Company Intelligence Services translates the raw market and company specific data related to the public procurement domain into business relevant data for our customers :

Bid Advisory

Africa Gateway Bid Advisory Services provides procurement advisory through professional advice and consultation on purchasing matters to our customers. Our services are tailored to meet the specific procurement need ranging from quality assurance reviews of customer-authored solicitation documents or response to that, to management of the complete procurement process, from needs assessment to contract award :

eProcurement Marketplace

Africa Gateway eProcurement Marketplace service helps create a secure web ordering portal, eCatalogue or PunchOut eCatalogue solution according to our customers eProcurement specifications. We provide an added major advantage by connecting the eProcurement needs to our customers through our network of large national and international client base :

Joint Venture & Collaboration

Tenders, Projects and Major Business Opportunities sometimes call for collaboration. Africa Gateway has major tie-ups and an unmatched market reach worldwide in the Public Procurement Domain. How should a company look at JVs and Consortium, their preparation, research on what would target companies look at when they for a partner, map companies based on their qualification criteria for various projects, validate aspirations of companies involved and create a pitch to connect both the companies are some of the key activities of this service :

Find your Financier

Project Financing / Business Financing is a crucial step in the process of participating in tenders / bids / business opportunities to meet the financial requirements. Africa Gateways embraces this challenge to connect companies to key financiers. Africa Gateway assists organizations in application processing, requirements matching and finding a financier for the requirement :

Contractor Connect

Contractors who win projects are potential targets for Suppliers / OEMs / Sub-Contractors / Man-Power Consultants etc.

The Key value of this service is to connect each of these groups to the contractors winning projects.

In addition to connecting these groups, consulting is also provided where necessary and we see them through the deal.

The key strength of Africa Gateway is the linking that we can do right from the time a project is announced until it is won by companies.

Africa Gateway's huge virtual market place with more than 8,00,000 companies and the technology brings this value to the table.

Supplier Connect

Option of connecting with OEM's and Third Party Suppliers / Distributors Analysis of OEMs and Suppliers.

Matching with the requirements in terms of previous project supply, cost and quality Engaging the OEMs and Suppliers.

Taking the order on behalf of the customer and coordinating for effective price.

Strategic Marketing & Promotion

We customize our deliverable according to the need of the event :

Using our database of over 8,00,000 validated businesses worldwide, we do target based marketing according to the customer need. Thanks to our strong database of patrons, we have been able to generate maximum participation in major events conducted by our customers. We continuously support our clients in generating concrete business leads thus helping them expand their reach.