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Location Date Summary Notice Type Deadline
Senegal 19-Nov-2021 Project To Produce Videos For The Transmission Of Traditional Medical Knowledge-covid-19 Response From Apac Kollou Ndig From Djilor Djidiack Project N/A
Greece 29-Jul-2023 Spectacolo - Improvement Of Vet Offer For Theatre Professions Project N/A
Senegal 25-Aug-2022 Responses To Covid-19 Through Social Protection And The Strengthening Of Local Food Systems: Case Of The Niayes In Senegal (covid19-afs) Project N/A
Senegal 16-Feb-2022 Apac Kawawana Community Income Improvement Project, In Response To Covid-19 Project N/A
Niger 22-Jan-2022 Improvement Of The Living Conditions Of The Populations At The Apac Nahouta Peulh Level In The Context Of Covid19 Urban Commune Of Tessaoua Region Of Maradi Project N/A
Senegal 02-Dec-2023 Senegal - Project To Support The Emerging Senegal Plan Operational Monitoring Office (bos-pse) Project N/A
France 14-Jul-2022 Western Africa: Regional Off-grid Electricity Access Project Additional Financing Project N/A
Djibouti 16-Mar-2024 Awareness And Awareness Campaigns On Hiv/aids/covid19 Health Issues And Activities Related To Gender/gbv And Road Safety Procurement Forecast 16-Jun-2024
Mali 03-Jun-2021 Access To Beneficiaries In West Africa Project N/A
South africa 13-Apr-2024 Request For A Single Project Audit To Do A133 Audits To Comply With The Federal Regulations 45 Cfr For The Cooperate Agreement: N U01ip001160 Project Title: Collaborative Research On Influenza, Corona Tender 18-Apr-2024
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