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Location Date Summary Notice Type Deadline
Uganda 14-Apr-2020 Support Children And Comunity Affected By Covid-19 Project N/A
Burundi 11-Apr-2020 Burundi Covid19 Preparedness And Response Project Project N/A
Benin 11-Apr-2020 Agreement With The Nobila Airport Sa International Hotel For The Reception Accommodation And Catering For Quarantine Of Passengers Suspected Of Being Carriers Of Coronavirus Contract N/A
United states 11-Apr-2020 Coronavirus Response Project In Senegal Project N/A
Senegal 11-Apr-2020 Senegal Covid-19 Response Project Project N/A
Sao tome and principe 10-Apr-2020 Stp Covid-19 Emergency Response Project Project N/A
Rwanda 10-Apr-2020 Rwanda Covid-19 Emergency Response Project Project N/A
Tunisia 07-Apr-2020 Eu Pledges 280m To Tunisias Battle Against Coronavirus Grant Funding 07-Jun-2020
United states 06-Apr-2020 Life-saving Primary Care For 5000 Rural Rwandans Project N/A
Uganda 03-Apr-2020 Repair All Boreholes In The Districts Uganda Project N/A
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