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Location Date Summary Notice Type Deadline
Senegal 09-Dec-2021 Agro-ecological Project For The Resilience Of Apac Low Communities To The Impacts Of Covid-19 Project N/A
Senegal 25-Aug-2022 Responses To Covid-19 Through Social Protection And The Strengthening Of Local Food Systems Case Of The Niayes In Senegal covid19-afs Project N/A
Niger 22-Nov-2021 Support To The Area And Territories Of The Indigenous Community Heritage Of Taja Nomade foloa And To The Communities Living Around The Grazing Area In The Context Of Covid-19.rural Commune Of Taja Department Of Illela Region Of Tahoua Project N/A
Senegal 09-Dec-2021 Apac Low Community Participation Project In The Anti-covid-19 Response Through The Transmission Of Traditional Medical Knowledge Project N/A
Cote divoire 10-Dec-2021 Strengthening Of Vaccination And Health Systems Under The Covid-19 Strategic Preparedness And Response Project Project N/A
Senegal 19-Nov-2021 Kawawana Apac Community Income Improvement Project In Response To Covid-19 Project N/A
Zambia 25-Jun-2021 Zambia - Mitigating Impact Of Covid-19 On Household Food Security c19-hfs Project N/A
Senegal 16-Feb-2022 Apac Kawawana Community Income Improvement Project In Response To Covid-19 Project N/A
Senegal 20-Nov-2021 Project To Support Apac Oulem Kuwii Of The Kingdom Of Mlomp Kassa In The Fight Against The Covid 19 Pandemic Project N/A
Niger 11-Dec-2021 Support Project To Increase The Resilience Of The Area And Territory Of The Indigenous And Community Heritage Of Takita And Their Communities Farmers Resident Herders Transhumants And Other Users. Rural Municipality Of Takieta Department Of Takieta Project N/A
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