Opportunities to Procure from South Africa

Opportunities to Procure from South Africa

Today South Africa is the most sophisticated and diversified economy of the African continent. Along with abundant riches of natural resources, the country has a stable political and economic environment. The county has been ranked among the most competitive economies in the world, by Global Competitive Index. Traditionally rooted in the primary sector the country’s potential to diversify its industrial base has been reflected in its GDP growth rate. The structural shift from an agriculture- based economy to the more industrialised economy has shown its resilience and potential to compete with the strongly developed economies.  Among the key sectors that keep fueling the economic engine are; Manufacturing, mining, communication and tourism. However, the trade and industrial policies constantly encourage entrepreneurs to explore new areas of growth that help fueling the growth trajectory of the country.

South Africa has a well established and sophisticated Manufacturing industry comprising of agro-processing, automotive, chemicals, textiles and many other industries. The Manufacturing industry acts as a catalyst for the development of other related industries. Opportunities for Procurement largely exist among each segment of the manufacturing industry. Moreover, Public authorities are increasingly focusing on benefiting from the potential of Manufacturing industries by Commissioning large scale Manufacturing Projects to encourage  local and international participation. Manufacturing tenders from South Africa are being floated to encourage local procurement. In response to the very presence of foreign importers, Global manufacturing tenders from South Africa are being initiated to attract foreign investments. With sector projecting growth opportunities for Joint Venture and M&A are bound to increase in near future.

South Africa has a renowned natural reserve, the country is the biggest producer of gold, platinum, base metals and coal. Having the largest reserves of natural resources, the sector remains largely untapped. The country has a world-class processing facilities covering carbon, steel, stainless steel and aluminium in addition to gold and Platinum. As the established mining industries in south Africa show strong growth, there will be significant opportunities for  Public procurement in Mining sector. Moreover, wider markets also offer opportunities for enhancing the sector’s growth prospects. For instance, Mining tenders from south Africa are increasing in demand among international prospects looking for expansion. Large-scale  Mining projects for the provision of technical assistance, monitoring support, mine expansion  are initiated to encourage sectoral growth. contract awards for Mining  have awarded  for provision of consultancy services and rehabilitation services in recent years. Global Mining tenders from south Africa are floated through various media platforms. Local procurement opportunities are also being increasing for the existing mining industries to help them compete with global competitors.

Telecommunication sector in South Africa is among the fastest growing sectors reflecting an expansion of mobile telephone operators in the country. The government is the largest stakeholder in the telecom industry. Therefore, the national government is increasingly looking to benefiting from the investments in telecommunication sectors. Government being the largest stakeholder there will be increasing procurement spend in terms of Capital investments in the sector. The government has been awarding telecom licences to international operators looking for expansion in South Africa. Telecommunication tenders reflecting opportunities for  provision of data services, provision of communication infrastructure, installation of wi-fi services etc are being floated by south African government for national and international participation. Large scale Telecommunication projects are under pipeline reflecting opportunities for investment. Telecommunication contract awards are being awarded by the south African government to build, communication platforms in south Africa. Furthermore, hardware tenders for telecommunication, software development tenders for telecommunication are increasingly demanded from south Africa.

Over the past decades, government procurement spending has substantially increased with greater emphasis on economic growth. Moreover, investment environment of south Africa looks quite promising with government initiating reforms to attracting foreign investments. Opportunities for local procurement have increased with the government aiming to make its existing potential industries globally competitive. Furthermore, easing up of business environment has helped to create opportunities for business expansion.


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