Harnessing the Renewable Energy Potential in Africa

Power is amongst the vital infrastructure component that harnesses the growth of any country. With global transition in energy underway, Africa is no behind in adopting renewable as a source of power generation. Power has been always a problem for the African continent. 70% of the African population does not access to source of power […]

The Economy of Tunisia

Tunisia is amongst the most competitive economy in North Africa. Tunisia ranks 77th in the world for ease of doing business. Tunisia’s geostrategic position makes it an attractive destination for investment and trade. Being one of the most developed and diversified economies in the region, Tunisia has a well-developed infrastructure with high literacy rate profile […]

The Economy of Sudan

The Republic of Sudan is a country in Northern Africa known for its ancient civilization. It is the 3rd largest economy in Africa after Algeria and Republic of Congo. The economy registered a growth rate of 6% in the FY 2016-2017 and is expected to increase in the coming years. Apart from strong oil industries, […]

Morocco Government Opportunities

Morocco is considered to be one of the stable economies in the African continent. Morocco has become the 5th largest economy of the African continent in terms of GDP and 1st most competitive North African economy. Morocco has been undertaking some of the significant measures to bring about the macroeconomic balance into the economy. It […]

Tender Opportunities in Egypt

Egypt is one of the highly centralised and planned economies of the African Continent. The economic outlook of the country looks very optimistic. The country registered a growth hike of  3-5% in the last fiscal year. The growth is expected to accelerate in the coming years, as a result of prolonged measures taken to improve […]

Tender Invitation for Supply and Delivery of Floor Moveable vehicular to Locomotive

Transnet Engineering has floated a tender invitation  for Supply and delivery of floor vehicular movable to locomotive new build business at Koedeoesport plant Tender Details: Country: South Africa Publishing Authority: Transnet Engineering Sector: Transportation Tender Description: Supply and delivery of floor vehicular movable to locomotive new build business at Koedeoesport plant Type of Tender: Tender Notice Time limit […]

Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP)

Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP) is a World Bank funded initiative to assist the government of Kenya in building capacity to manage its petroleum sector and wealth for sustainable development impacts. Project Description:  KEPTAP has four components namely: [A] Petroleum Sector – Reforms and Capacity Building; [B] Revenue and Investment Management – Reforms and […]

Tender invitation for Supply of Technical assistance

Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing has floated a tender invitation for Provision of  Technical assistance for the supervision, monitoring and control of construction work on rural roads in the province of Sidi Bennour. Tender Details: Country: Morocco Publishing authority: Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing Sector: Engineering-Procurement-And-Construction Tender Description: Tenders are invited for Technical assistance […]

OPEC to cut Oil Production

OPEC to cut Oil Production The oil industry with its history of boom and bust has been in the deepest downturn since 2014, if not earlier. The oil prices plunged and fell to a point more than 70% compared to the levels in 2014.  The 14 OPEC nations on Wednesday 28th sept 2014  agreed  on […]

Opportunities to Procure from South Africa

Opportunities to Procure from South Africa Today South Africa is the most sophisticated and diversified economy of the African continent. Along with abundant riches of natural resources, the country has a stable political and economic environment. The county has been ranked among the most competitive economies in the world, by Global Competitive Index. Traditionally rooted […]