The Economy of Sudan

The Republic of Sudan is a country in Northern Africa known for its ancient civilization. It is the 3rd largest economy in Africa after Algeria and Republic of Congo. The economy registered a growth rate of 6% in the FY 2016-2017 and is expected to increase in the coming years.

Apart from strong oil industries, Sudan’s industrial set up consists of light manufacturing industries, petroleum industries, agriculture and food processing industries etc. These sectors have predominantly contributed 30-40% to the current GDP growth rate. Sudan has a well-developed infrastructure compared to other sub-Saharan countries in Africa. Sudan’s medical industry has a potential to become a Medical hub for the African Economy. Medicines exports account for almost 70% of the Sudan exports and government is also concentrating in the procurement of services that will enhance its capacity to achieve its dream. Tenders are invited for Procurement of Medicines for The Federal Ministry of Health and the National Medical Supplies Fund in Sudan. The ministry of health has been inviting tenders for Provision of Lab Consumables in Sudan. Many of the pharmaceuticals government tenders are being funded by the world bank and other financial institutions in order to bridge the funding gap. Government procurement is enhancing the country’s potential to achieve its dream.

Sudan has a great potential for hydropower development, currently, the economy has 180mw of installed hydropower capacity. Moreover, large hydropower projects are underway in Sudan. Recently, China Gezhouba Group Co Ltd has signed a contract worth nearly US$1.4 billion or RMB 8.87 billion to build a hydropower station in South Sudan by 31 Dec 2019. The Sudan’s Ministry of Electricity and Dams (MED) plans to build 540 MW hydro power plant in Bedden, Juba. The Project is in the execution phase and is expected to be completed by 31 Dec 2019. These are some of the major hydropower projects undergoing in Sudan.

The Economy of Sudan
The Economy of Sudan

Agro-processing being another essential industry, government procurement from agriculture in Sudan has increased over the year. Tender notices for procurement of Buckets & Funnels with Filter, Water Pumping System, electric water pumps etc are published regularly on government tender portals. Moreover, additional financing is a norm in Africa, therefore funded projects in Sudan for food security, livestock and crops protection, up gradation of irrigation system etc are being actively undertaken to bring development to the sector. Sudan is known as world’s potential bread basket as it has one of the dynamic agricultural industry.

Government procurement in telecommunications is huge in Sudan. The government is actively undertaking measures to upgrade its telecommunication infrastructure. Recently, Sudatel Telecommunication Group has floated an expression of interest for Contracting of the Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning of New Telecom Stations. UNDP has floated a tender notice requesting for quotations to a potential bidder for procurement of ICT equipment for DDRC Offices. Anglo Petro for Integrated Solution CO has won government telecommunication contract for procurement of internet services in Sudan. Zain Telephone CO. LTD has won a telecommunication contract in Sudan for Local and long-distance telephone communications.

The economy is diversifying from oil based economy to a more industrialized economy that is promising Sudan long term growth prospects.

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