Zambia is going Nuclear

Zambia is going Nuclear Zambia’s electricity mix is dominated by hydro generations. Large and mini-hydropower stations account for 94% of the installed capacity. Although the total national installed capacity is about 2,400MW, available power has tremendously dropped resulting in a deficit of 700MW. The Zambian government aims to increase the electrification rate from 25% to […]

Kenya Electricity Modernization Project

Kenya has one of the fastest growing energy industry, business opportunities are opening up in expansion in electricity generation and recently discovered oil reserves. Large investments are made to boost the grwoth in the energy sector. The ministry of Energy in Kenya has implemented Kenya Elelctricity Modernization Project to increase access to electricity and improve […]

South African has most of the Construction Projects in Africa

South African has most of the Construction Projects in Africa South Africa’s construction industry remains one of the economic engines of the country. Construction output in south Africa accounts for 48.2% of the total GDP, followed by Angola  at 12.9% Mozambique  and Zambia at 10.6% each. The construction industry continues to grow despite a slump in the […]

Praia Airport Expansion and Modernization Project (PEMAP)

Praia Airport Expansion and Modernisation Project (PEMAP) Project Details:  Project Location: Cape Verde Project Value: Euro 32.794 Million Project End: 31 Dec 2016 Project Description:  This project aims to address the air transport demand, especially those needs relating to economic activity and tourism. And also address  projected traffic increase and ensure efficient management of passenger flows at peak periods. […]