Morocco Government Opportunities

Morocco is considered to be one of the stable economies in the African continent. Morocco has become the 5th largest economy of the African continent in terms of GDP and 1st most competitive North African economy. Morocco has been undertaking some of the significant measures to bring about the macroeconomic balance into the economy. It has a strong foothold over Energy, Health, ICT, Construction and transportation sectors. The country has a well-diversified manufacturing sector comprising of textiles, automobiles and aeronautics. In recent years Morocco has been taking significant efforts to reduce its dependency on fuels by rolling out major Renewable energy projects and major oil and gas exploration programmes in Morocco. The country has shown strong potential in renewables by successfully introducing wind farms and solar projects in Morocco and is also planning to share expertise to the cooperates over renewable energy projects  globally

Moreover, the government is inviting for International Competitive Bidding into Morocco Renewable energy sector from across the globe. For Instance, Ministry of the Economy and Finance has floated a renewable energy tender notification in Morocco for procurement of support services for strengthening the energy sector.  Public contracts in renewable sector have also proven to be imperative for the sectoral growth.

In the recent years, the government has shifted its focus to the development of the industrial activity. Major investments are to be undertaken by the government to boost the industrial development. Business opportunities in Morocco are largely driven by automobiles, aeronautics, infrastructure and mining. While recent years have also seen investment expansion over the ICT sector. The operators are seeking government procurement in Morocco to explore the young market. Government ICT contracts in Morocco are helping her to establish an internationally competitive position in the global market. Major Government ICT project initiatives in Morocco has been able to help her phase out a sizeable niche for itself in the recent years.

A range of major up gradation projects is being initiated in the transportation sector of Morocco. Along with public sector, the private sector is also set to gear up active participation in the investments in transportation. The country has seen, major procurement in road constructions, expansion, rehabilitations etc. Moreover, state authorities are floating tenders for up gradation of existing transportation projects as well as invitations to bid are being invited for Stalled transportation projects in Morocco. Government Transportation projects initiatives for Upgradation of Urban transport helping to boost connectivity and reduce congestion.  While large-scale ambitious aviation and maritime projects in Morocco are also in pipeline and will be going live in the years to come. The government has also planned projects to build 5 new ports in Morocco in the coming years.  As a result, major investments in transportation, industrial infrastructure and energy has boosted the country’s competitiveness and has established its position as a most favoured investment destination for global players.

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