Ghana to achieve rapid economic growth by “Vision 2020”.


Ghana Tenders Online
Ghana Tenders Online

Ghana falls under West Africa. It is said to be the initially created nation of African mainland by 2020 to 2029. Ghana’s economy is the ninth-biggest on the Africa mainland by obtaining power equality and nominal GDP. Ghana is one of the nations on the mainland that produces petroleum and regular gas, with the landmass’ fifth biggest oil stores and 6th biggest gas holds. It is one of the world’s biggest gold and precious stone makers and is anticipated to be the biggest maker of cocoa on the planet. Ghana’s developing economic prosperity and just political framework has made it a territorial force in West Africa.

The Ghana economy is an emerging digital-based mixed economy with an increasing primary manufacturing sector and exportation of digital technology goods along with assembling and exporting automobiles and ships, agricultural products primarily cocoa, petroleum and natural gas and information and communications technology sectors.

Ghana’s blue print for sustainable socio-economic development is the Vision 2020 document put together by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC).  With the economic program “Ghana: Vision 2020“, Ghana intends to achieve its goals of accelerated economic growth and improved quality of life for all its citizens.

The document recognizes the fact that the only means by which the country’s resources can be used efficiently to achieve rapid economic growth while maintaining the integrity of the environment hinges is on the integration of Science and Technology in the various programmes.

The NDPC which is the highest planning authority is responsible for coordinating the development programmes of all sectors in a manner as to ensure that sector policies and legislation concerning international cooperation for sustainable development are well coordinated and integrated to achieve the national goal.

The utilization of Science and Technology to quickly deliver Ghana’s advancement to enhance the personal satisfaction for all while keeping up the honesty of nature is this nation’s present need being developed. In this way, all divisions are being urged to utilize science and innovation to address their project in a supportable way.

Ghana’s public administration system has been decentralized to the district level thus making it possible for Districts to take responsibilities for their development programmes and resources in line with Ghana’s Vision 2020 programme.  Cities, towns and communities have established bilateral informal relationship with their counterparts in the developed countries for purposes of development.

Government is creating an enabling environment for the private sector to acquire and use environmentally sound technologies through international cooperation. Many such government efforts in relation to online Ghana tenders are been supported by various funding agencies.



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