Kenya Electricity Modernization Project

Kenya has one of the fastest growing energy industry, business opportunities are opening up in expansion in electricity generation and recently discovered oil reserves.

Large investments are made to boost the grwoth in the energy sector. The ministry of Energy in Kenya has implemented Kenya Elelctricity Modernization Project to increase access to electricity and improve reliability of electricity services.

Project Details: 

Project Location: Kenya

Project Value: US$ 200.00 million

Project status: Active

Project End: 31 Dec 2016

Kenya Electricity Modernization project

Project Description:

Kenya aims to increase generation capacity by 5,000Mw in 2016 to 2300Mw in 2030. The Government of Kenya is focused on sustaining a stable investment climate for private-sector participation in energy, developing expanded transmission and distribution networks to deliver power to customers, maintaining a creditworthy off-taker, maintaining cost-reflective tariffs, and reducing inefficiency in the sector to support more affordable end-user tariffs.

The important objective of the Kenya Electricity Modernization Project is to:

a) Increase access to electricity

B) Improve reliability of the electricity services

c) To strengthen KPLCs (Kenya Power and lighting Company) financial situation.

The country currently has just under 2200 megawatts of installed electricity generating capacity according to the most recent draft of Kenya’s national energy and petroleum policy, published by its energy ministry.

The country’s electricity demand is set to rise as economic growth ticks up. The demand is being driven by development of industrial parks, growing industries, railway developments etc.

To meet this demands kenya government has embarked on Electricity Modernization Project to increase the transmission distribution and reliability of the energy sources.

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