Russia to lend Egypt 25 billion$ to build Nuclear Power Plant

Egypt energy sector has recently become one of the most promising hubs and has been playing a promising role in the international markets. Egypt’s regional and international cooperations are the cornerstone of the country’s developing energy markets. Moreover, the country all the ingredients to become attractive energy partner. low cost of production, geographical proximity and […]

Kenya’s Aviation Modernization Project

The Aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the economy of Kenya. The Aviation sector contributes 24.8billion to the Kenyan economy. Over the years improved connectivity has helped the Kenyan economy to grow. The Kenyan government is taking some strategic measures o further enhance the Aviation sector. Kenya Airport Authority has announced […]

Kenya Electricity Modernization Project

Kenya has one of the fastest growing energy industry, business opportunities are opening up in expansion in electricity generation and recently discovered oil reserves. Large investments are made to boost the grwoth in the energy sector. The ministry of Energy in Kenya has implemented Kenya Elelctricity Modernization Project to increase access to electricity and improve […]

South African has most of the Construction Projects in Africa

South African has most of the Construction Projects in Africa South Africa’s construction industry remains one of the economic engines of the country. Construction output in south Africa accounts for 48.2% of the total GDP, followed by Angola  at 12.9% Mozambique  and Zambia at 10.6% each. The construction industry continues to grow despite a slump in the […]

Enhanced Kenya CIRT/CC- Project

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has announced a project named Enhanced Kenya CIRT/CC for enhancing the capabilities of its National Computer Incident Response Team-Coordination Centre Project Details:  project location: Kenya project value: (CHF) : 100’000 – 500’000 project status: Active project End: 30 Nov 2016   Project Description:  This project follows the execution of the National CIRT Establishment in Kenya , […]

ADFD finances high-speed train in Morocco worth AED147 million

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) signed a concessionary loan agreement to the tune of AED147 million with the Office Nationale des Chemins de Fer du Maroc (ONCFM), Morocco’s national railway operator, to finance the construction of a high-speed train; bridging the gap between the cities of Tangier and Kenitra.

Tender Invitation for Supply and Delivery of Floor Moveable vehicular to Locomotive

Transnet Engineering has floated a tender invitation  for Supply and delivery of floor vehicular movable to locomotive new build business at Koedeoesport plant Tender Details: Country: South Africa Publishing Authority: Transnet Engineering Sector: Transportation Tender Description: Supply and delivery of floor vehicular movable to locomotive new build business at Koedeoesport plant Type of Tender: Tender Notice Time limit […]

Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP)

Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP) is a World Bank funded initiative to assist the government of Kenya in building capacity to manage its petroleum sector and wealth for sustainable development impacts. Project Description:  KEPTAP has four components namely: [A] Petroleum Sector – Reforms and Capacity Building; [B] Revenue and Investment Management – Reforms and […]