Russia to lend Egypt 25 billion$ to build Nuclear Power Plant

Egypt energy sector has recently become one of the most promising hubs and has been playing a promising role in the international markets. Egypt’s regional and international cooperations are the cornerstone of the country’s developing energy markets. Moreover, the country all the ingredients to become attractive energy partner. low cost of production, geographical proximity and welcoming foreign investment policies makes Eygpt an attractive destination for countries to expand their base in the country.

The government of Egypt has been undertaking large-scale energy projects in order to boost the sector. The government has recently awarded energy contracts to large international cooperations for expansion of the sector.  one of such deals has been signed recently with Russia over the establishment of nuclear power plant in Dabba.


Russia to lend Egypt 25bn$ to build nuclear power plant
Russia to lend Egypt 25bn$ to build nuclear power plant

Russia will be providing finance for building and operation of Nuclear Power Plant. Russia has agreed to invest 25bn$ in the construction of the nuclear plant that will have the capacity to produce 4,800MW of the nuclear energy. The loan will finance  85%  of the value of each contract for the work, services and equipment shipping, and remaining 15% will be financed by Egypt. In addition, Russian factories will be established in Egypt to manufacture nuclear plant components locally and transfer Russian expertise to Egypt. This project is one of the most significant national projects in Egypt. Similar government energy projects are being initiated on large scale. Egypt has been aiming to commission large-scale Renewable Energy projects that will further enhance the sub-sector growth. Government energy tenders are floated in areas of rehabilitation and installation of energy plants. Moreover, Government intervention through the regular deployment of energy tenders through e-procurement and government tender portals have been playing a vital role in the development of the energy sector. Moreover, in recent years Egypt has signed myriad Mou’s in the energy sector with other countries.  Enhancing country’s competitiveness International Energy tenders, Energy Bids, RFP, RFQ are being invited most importantly in the renewable energy sector for development and capacity building of the energy sector. Moreover, large international have acquired Contract awards from Egypt energy companies to support large energy projects. overall Egypt Energy sector

overall Egypt energy sector is under a crucial highlight as the sector provides immense business opportunities in the energy industry. Moreover, the country has a right mix of ingredients that makes it one of the most prominent energy investment destination.





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